R&S Out of School Care - Our Story

Our Center

In August, 1993, a childcare center was purchased from the Catholic School Board by current executive director and owner, Roxanne Plischke. From that point on, St. Boniface Out of School Care became the R&S Out of School Care center we have come to know and love! Roxanne's center ran for 13 successful years at St. Boniface Elementary until the school's growing needs destined R&S for a change.

In May 2006, Roxanne signed a continuing contract with Dayspring Presbyterian Church - a change which has allowed R&S to grow into the accomplished center it is today. Located within walking distance of numerous elementary schools, the new facility has equipped R&S with a manipulative room, a crafts room, a kitchen, a courtyard, and more.

For more than 25 years, R&S has been providing above-and-beyond exceptional care for families of all backgrounds and children of all needs. As a fully accredited childcare centre, this standard of excellence has and will remain uncompromised.

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Parent Involvement

R&S is proud to be a Volunteer Parent Council run center. To learn more, click here. 


  • "R and S is the best Daycare that I have ever been to. the have lots of great staff and the best owner in the world Rox! She is one of he kindest, loving person I have ever met! ..."
  • "R&S it amazing and I have no words to describe it the staff are amazing rox is amazing and of course the kids are amazing too. (i was scared to be away from my mom and dad for ..."
    Happy kid that absolutely loves r&s