Quotes Hi my name is Sienna, I was coming for about a year and I am 9 years old. R and S is amazing! I love R and S because the staff are so nice and amazing and so is the food and crafts. I love the backyard, craft room, baby room and the toys. Thanks for reading! -Sienna C. Quotes
Sienna C.
R and S is amazing!!!

Quotes R and S is the best Daycare that I have ever been to. the have lots of great staff and the best owner in the world Rox! She is one of he kindest, loving person I have ever met! R and S have many activities, crafts and games. the make sure that breakfast and snack is always on the table. R and S is truly best of the best! Quotes

Quotes R&S it amazing and I have no words to describe it the staff are amazing rox is amazing and of course the kids are amazing too. (i was scared to be away from my mom and dad for a few hours) when I was six I quickly learned that there was no need to be shy or scared to me R&S out of school care is like family😋 Quotes
Happy kid that absolutely loves r&s

Quotes My wife and I heard great things about R&S Out of School Care Prior to taking our kids there. Roxanne and her staff exceeded our expectations and have set the bar high for quality childcare. The entire staff is extremely professional, friendly, caring, and empathetic. It is obvious that all the staff enjoy working with children. The kids at R&S are always felt welcomed and loved. There are lots of choices for individual and group play and the kids are always engaged in activities. Roxanne provides healthy snacks for the kids and even makes provision for those with dietary allergies and intolerances. This is greatly appreciated! Perhaps my only "complaint" about R&S Out of School Care is that my kids do not want to come home when I arrive to pick them up! Thank you, thank you, thank you R&S for providing a warm and caring environment for our children to learn, grow and play. Quotes
Greg and Sheri

Quotes I am very grateful to the staff of R and S for all they do for my child every day. My son has attended this OSC since Grade 1 and we are so lucky to have found such an amazing care facility. I am confident and secure in the knowledge that he is safe and cared for. He is treated in a way that nurtures his spirit and helps him to be a better person. He witnesses kindness and love and in turn shows that to those around him. In particular, I love the way Roxanne and the staff encourage the kids to be their best, to try new things and take on age-appropriate responsibilities. The R and S staff have been such a large part of my child's life and continue to give him a strong foundation of care and concern for himself and those around him. Quotes

Quotes There are really no words that truly describe the fabulous care that the children receive from Roxanne and the staff at R & S. My son really did not like having to go to daycare before going to R & S. It is so much easier leaving him somewhere that he not only receives the very best care, but also enjoys his time there. They say that everyone has a purpose and it is very obvious that Roxanne is doing exactly what she was put on earth to do!! Quotes

Quotes R and S, and in particular Roxanne runs a tight ship. They keep things running smoothly, providing a peaceful start to the childrens day. I have the utmost confidence in the reliability and quality of the care provided. Quotes

Quotes I can't say enough about how wonderful Roxanne and R and S have been to my girls. From the time my eldest daughter started at R and S it was obvious how much the children and families respected and loved Roxanne. Roxanne is very organized and ensures care is in place at all times. She plans two concerts a year and supports the kids in creating their own "talent" activity for these events. She takes a personal interest in each child. R and S is truly a family atmosphere for my children while my husband and I are at work. I never have to worry about my kids while they are at R and S. Quotes

Quotes When your children attends R&S, you can go to work without worrying about them. Roxanne truly is a substitute mother. She and her excellent staff provide loving, gentle care and guidance to your children. I have had many children in daycare and out of school care and she and her staff have provided the best care by far that I have experienced. My children can relate to the staff and they cherish the interactions. Roxanne chooses her staff very carefully and it show Quotes

Quotes I am not a customer, and my association with Roxanne and R&S Out of School Care comes from a different angle. I can?t wait to speak up and endorse R&S. For over six years now, I have been the minister at Dayspring Church from whom Roxanne rents space. Without any doubt, I can say that I have seen personally how diligently, kindly and with care Roxanne runs her Out of School Care. While taking care and listening intently for each individual child?s needs, she and her dedicated staff provide by far one of the highest standards of child-care in Edmonton. She goes to great lengths to keep the building in an immaculate condition, which speaks to who Roxanne is. Second best is never an option and I see everyday how much the children love her and love the care that she gives. This is a top-notch child-care centre to which parents can entrust their child with peace of mind. Quotes
Minister at Dayspring Church