Interested in working with us? 

We are currently not hiring. We will update this page with positions as they become available. 

All staff must have a valid Child Development Assistant Certificate (Level 1 certification). 

There are 3 levels of childcare certification - Child Development Assistant (Level 1), Child Development Worker (Level 2), and Child Development Supervisor (Level 3). The minimum requirement for our staff is the Level 1 certification. 

But what if I don't have a Child Development Assistant Certificate?

We do not discriminate in hiring based on certification - in other words, if you are excited about this excellent opportunity to interact with children in a safe and beneficial manner, you will not be turned away because you are not certified yet. We do require all applicants who are not certified to obtain certification within 1 month or less of employment.

According to our policy, no uncertified staff may be left unsupervised with children. Therefore, as an uncertified childcare assistant, you will be trained under the guidance of a primary childcare worker, or a senior staff, until you are certified. This is why it is important to us that all our staff are certified/obtain certification as soon as possible. 

How do I obtain Certification? 

According to Government of Alberta Website, the Level 1 Certification is obtained through the completion of specific High school or college child development programs. If you have not completed such a course in high school or a 45 hour (3 credit) child development course in college, you may obtain certification through the completion of an Online Childcare Orientation Course

This free, 58 hour course must be completed within a month of employment. It is a highly informative program that we would highly recommend, even if it were not a requirement. Please be aware that failure to complete this course within 1 month, as agreed, may lead to termination of employment. 

Many of our staff successfully obtained certification after employment, so please do not be discouraged to apply if you are willing to obtain it as soon as possible!

What other Requirements are there for Staff? 

Along with the Level 1 certification, all staff will require an up-to-date police check and first aid certification. These must be obtained within 3 months of employment. 

Information on wages and hours can be found upon contact.