Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the fee structure at R&S? 

A: Head to our Parent Info page.

Q: Do you use a bus to transport the children to and from school? 

A: R&S does not use a bus to transport children to and from school. Every morning and afternoon, all the children are walked to and from each of their respective school. A staff member stays with them until either they are seen entering the school or a supervisor from the school is confirmed to be present. 

However, during field trips on PD days and in the summer, R&S uses Yellow Bus as transport.

Q: What accommodations does R&S provide for children with food allergies? 

A: The families of children with allergies do not need to provide their own snacks for their child at snack time at our centre. R&S will provide safe snack alternatives for your child with allergies. We take almost all preferences or suggestions from parents into consideration when preparing snacks.

Our snack cupboard has a designated area for specific allergy-safe foods (e.g. "Gluten-Free Shelf"; "Peanut-Free Shelf"). Each allergy child has a unique place card with their name and allergies that is used to identify their plate during snack time to ensure all food served is safe for them to eat. 

If you have any other questions or concerns about your child's allergies and snack preparations, do not hesitate to further discuss the issue with any of our staff or our Director.