Roxanne Plischke

I have been blessed to be surrounded and loved by the children at this centre for 30 years now. After the tragic loss of my son Carey in 1996, it has been the children here and the tremendous love and pride for my daughter Carla that has kept me focused and determined to be a positive figure in the community. I am grateful for all the things I've been able to accomplish such as my nomination's to YWCA's women of distinction as well as my love for travel that has taken me to all 7 continents and I feel very fortunate. My favourite quote is "I am enough of a realist to understand that I can't reach every child.. but I am more of an optimist to get up every morning and try."

Carla Bate

R&S has been a blessing to my family and my second home for many years. I returned to school in 1999 when I attended Grant MacEwan , moving down south to the University of Lethbridge, and finally returning to graduate from University of Alberta in 2004 with a Bachelor in Education. Since then, I have worked both in junior high and high school, currently teaching Art at J. Percy Page High School in Millwoods. I continue to work at R&S part time, keeping in touch with kids and staff on a regular basis. My favourite thing about R&S is finding out what makes kids excited, and sharing genuine interest in whatever those things might be!

Fatiha Akacem

Hi! My name is Fatiha, I am a proud mother of 4 beautiful children plus a 5th, who happens to take cat form and officially about to become a grandma! Before coming to R&S I worked at the Metro College Child Minding program. I have been working at R&S for 7 years now and I love it so much, it truly feels like my second home. Everyone here is so friendly and welcoming, including the kids. In my spare time I like to cook and sew and spend time with my beautiful daughters. Everyday I come into this beautiful centre, R&S, the kids never fail to put a smile on my face, I enjoy every minute I spend here.

Oksana Lakhnyuk

Hi everyone! My name is Oksana. I am from the Ukraine, and I immigrated to Canada in November 2012 with my family. I am a happy mother and grandmother who has two children and two grandchildren who just recently moved to Canada from Ukraine. Every aspect of life is positive for me. I like to read, to talk, to listen, to dream, and think. Being happy is a state of mind. In Ukraine I completed Pedagogical College, and after that I completed National Pedagogical University. I worked as a teacher in primary and secondary schools for a long time in Ukraine. This place is my second home that I always want to come back to. It is such a great environment and positive atmosphere. I enjoy working with children because they represent hope and the future to me. I really admire children's endless energy, honesty, creativity, flexibility, and resilience. 

Arscent Javier

Hi, my name is Arscent! I am a childcare supervisor here at R&S.  I have a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and and a diploma in the Child and Youth Care program from MacEwan University.  I am glad to be a part of R&S family. R&S feels like a second home to me, because I feel loved by the kids, the parents, and the staff that I work with. 

Aicha Kacemi

Hi, my name is Aicha Kacemi!  I've been working at R&S since I was in grade 11 and am now in my second year of nursing at the University of Alberta. R&S is like a home away from home to me and I am so grateful to work here. R&S is truly a centre full of love and growth and not just for the children but the staff as well. Each day I come in, I look forward to having an amazing day with the kids and teaching them new things and learning from them as well! 

Gabe Bedford

My name is Gabriel. I am currently going into grade 12 at Ross Shepard High School. Carla is my mom and Roxy is my grandma. For the past two years I am proud to say I work at R&S!

Abla Kacemi

Greetings! My name is Abla and I am Fatiha's middle daughter. I graduated from the University of Alberta with a degree in Education and have been working with R&S since 2016. My full time job is teaching adults, however I love spending time at R&S, so you might see me around occasionally! I love animals, science, nature, the Lord of the Rings and Stranger Things! In my free time, I like to spend time with my nephew and cat. R&S is such a joyful place to be, I always leave feeling better than when I arrived.