Out of School Care
N   o  w          o  f    f   ri  g       AM         ki  n d e r g a r t e n       c  a  r  e    

11445 40th Ave NW, Edmonton, AB

Our Philosophy 

Core Values 

Child-Centered Play and Programs

At R&S, we have a child-centered approach to childcare. Our goal is to create a safe, fun and equal-opportunity environment in which children can play and learn. Learning through play and child-led programming are central to our philosophy.  Our center aims to challenge and stimulate children in terms of their physical, emotional, intellectual, creative and social development. 

Parent Involvement
For the parents in our program, we strive to provide quality references, resources and peace of mind that their children are receiving the highest standards in childcare. We wish to be not only child care providers, but also teachers, role models and professionals. Parental involvement is vital to the emotional and social development of children. Our families are the heart of our business.

Community Involvement

It is our belief that community involvement is crucial to a child’s understanding of his or her place within it. We encourage and invite community organizations to be a part of our programming to enhance the learning atmosphere of our center.

Mission Statement

R&S Out of School Care strives to supply exemplary child care services and excel in meeting the needs of its families to provide foundations for happy, successful citizens who will positively influence society.


Accreditation is a voluntary process initiated by the Alberta government through which child care programs can demonstrate that they exceed the basic regulatory requirements and adhere to higher standards. 

According to the Government of Alberta website, "accredited childcare programs have completed a rigorous self-evaluation and quality enhancement process, and have been recognized by the Association for Accreditation of Early Learning and Care Services (AELCS) as meeting the accreditation standards of excellence."

R&S attained accreditation in March 2010, was reaccredited in March 2013, and has successfully been reaccredited in March 2016. By the end of this accreditation term, R&S will have been an accredited centre for almost 10 years. 

Parent Involvement

R&S is proud to be a Volunteer Parent Council run center. To learn more, click here. 

  • "R and S is the best Daycare that I have ever been to. the have lots of great staff and the best owner in the world Rox! She is one of he kindest, loving person I have ever met! ..."
  • "R&S it amazing and I have no words to describe it the staff are amazing rox is amazing and of course the kids are amazing too. (i was scared to be away from my mom and dad for ..."
    Happy kid that absolutely loves r&s